Currency fluctuations have encouraged Scottish companies to re-examine their markets. A number of Scottish brands have taken advantage of the Euro situation and have seen increased demand for their luxury cashmere products in these markets in particular.

Scottish companies continue to punch above their weight in luxury fashion and niche markets with leading fashion and interior textiles brands continuing to buy innovative and exciting fabrics from Scotland. Prestigious projects in 2009 included the refurbishment of the White House for President Obama.

Collaborations between Scottish companies are essential in helping to develop new, innovative or unique products that allow Scotland to differentiate itself from low cost markets.

Scotland actively seeks new business and investment partners who are keen to find textile solutions to complex problems. Our manufacturers are diverse, flexible and capable of creating winning solutions for a wealth of sectors and markets. Scotland’s reputation as a creative, inventive country has enabled Scottish companies to partner with international clients in the development of leading edge products, such as woven heart-valves and medical devices, seamless air-bag technology and defence applications. The market for technical textiles is growing at five per cent per annum. We have a cluster of composite industry specialists ranging from micro-businesses to global corporations serving the aerospace sector.

Scotland offers significant capability in carbon and polypropylene fibres and an emerging capacity in textile pre-forms and cores. There is extensive expertise in the research and development and repair and manufacture of composite products in Scotland. Extensive composites research, development and training activity is taking place at Scottish universities. Scottish companies, particularly those already operating in technical textiles have the potential to address currently unmet market needs on a global basis. The presence of major composite end users in the UK provides a platform for Scottish companies to build relationships with key strategic players.