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The STLA is proud to pilot this service, free to its members, in partnership with Cloch Solicitors. This service will provide companies, small and large, with access to guidance and information on a range of legal queries that are particular to your business

Session availability

Sessions are offered on Mondays on a fortnightly basis, dependent on service referral. The 15 minute advice sessions take place by phone. To book an appointment or for further information please email


Philip Hannay is an award winning corporate lawyer with considerable personal, legal and business experience relating to the creative industries. Philip runs his own Glasgow based law firm, Cloch Solicitors, and has been advising businesses in the creative industries throughout the UK and beyond on the identification, protection, exploitation, management and valuation of their intellectual property rights and a range of other commercial issues since 2001.

Philip was involved in a number of artistic projects during the 1990s, and prior to entering the legal profession gleaned cultural and creative industry experience in America through work with the New York Department of Parks & Recreation and the non-for-profit Gen Art arts and entertainment organisation which showcased emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

Philip has personal experience of setting up and managing businesses within the creative industries and is closing in on a decade as Honorary Secretary of Friends of Glasgow School of Art. Philip also tutors in Company Law at the University of Glasgow School of Law and is an Associate Lecturer in Intellectual Property at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University Business School MBA programme.


  • Starting up: commencing business and forming a company or partnership
  • Intellectual property advice: managing creativity and its legal protection
  • Licensing: gaining and granting permission and use of artistic works
  • Contracting: making money from products and services
  • Compliance: rights and obligations of stakeholders and those in positions of authority
  • Dispute resolution: risk management, enforcement, planning for settlement
  • Transactional: business investment, asset sale or purchase, fundraising
  • Succession: entering and leaving a going concern


Please note

Our legal advice is delivered by a qualified and registered Scottish solicitor and offers guidance relative to intellectual property and commercial legal issues, as well as general business matters. This does not include preparation, review or endorsement of the terms, adequacy, or the entering into, of any specific document.

Appropriate commentary may be given on meaning, context, or general procedure relating to legal process and/or specific contract clauses, and if given, is solely to be taken as guidance and not formal legal advice. Each STLA client has the right to take independent legal advice and may be directed to do so. STLA does not endorse such independent legal advice or the choice of provider and reminds clients that such advice will be on the terms and conditions of that provider.

Intellectual Property (IP)

‘Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.’

The Intellectual Property Office can help you get the right type of protection for your creation or invention, IPO guidance and information can be found here.


  • The IPO has also provided a guide to the IP Bill for SMEs, explaining what some of the proposed changes to IP law on Designs PDF document(287Kb) and Patents PDF document(293Kb) would mean.
  • The Cultural Enterprise Office provide a full range of information on legal matters that affect the Creative Industries, this great resource can be found here.
  • Manage your Intellectual assets with support from the Intellectual Asset team at Scottish Enterprise.
  • Protecting your IP in international markets, Scottish Enterprise article can be read here
  • ACID (Anti Copying In Design) is a membership trade organisation, set up as a round table action group in 1996, by designers for designers. ACID is a membership organisation committed to raising awareness & encouraging respect for IP within individual & corporate responsibility. By helping its members to understand and protect their rights, ACID is intent on stamping out intellectual property rights abuse.