Skills Development

The STLA views skills development and training support for the industry as an important, strategic priority.

After completing the Scottish Textiles Survey Report, based on a comprehensive industry wide survey, in January 2013 we were able to identify recruitment needs and specific skills shortages.  As a result the STLA established close links with the Scottish Textiles Academic Group  (STAG) and Creative Skillset to form the Scottish Textiles Skills Partnership (STSP) so as to develop and deliver a comprehensive skills action plan to address the issues raised by the survey and to work together with the relevant government agencies to gain sustainable financial support for the plan.

In December 2013 Skills Development Scotland (SDS) supported a six month Skills Development Project to help us to explore potential solutions and refine the focus of the action plan. Following from this, the Scottish Textiles Skills Partnership (STSP) has developed a comprehensive Skills Strategy and Action Plan 2014 -2017, and secured direct cash investment of £287,000 (over 3 years) from public sector partner agencies. This funding will support the implementation of these ambitious plans and will lever an additional £4.1m of industry investment in skills and potentially more than £1.3m of National Programme funding.

The Skills Action Plan outlines a series of interventions which collectively will contribute to the creation of the world class workforce needed by the industry, visit the Strategy/Action Plan page to download documents. A dedicated STSP website with information on support available to raise skill levels for large, medium and smaller-sized businesses, designers, schools and colleges, will be launched in January 2015.

What’s on offer? Please visit our Training Support page to learn about current training opportunities that can benefit your business.