Textiles Future Forum

The aim of the Textiles Futures Forum Initiative is to accelerate collaboration between the Scottish textile industry and academia designed to fast-track innovation in the sector and wider markets where textiles are key to the supply chain.

The TFF initiative is market driven and industry led and will work across the sector to identify innovative projects where partnership and support from academia can assist in unlocking potential for growth.

  • TFF will support a series of events and activities promoting interaction between industry and academia and focussing on themes and areas which are relevant and have been identified to provide future value and benefit to the sector.
  • TFF will undertake activity directly and in partnership with key stakeholders as required.
  • TFF will manage a Challenge Fund where eligible projects will be assessed on a competitive basis, providing match funded support to Industry and academic collaborations within Scotland.
  • TFF support will complement existing funding sources and programmes in Scotland and may provide a source of leverage and support to access wider public and private sector funding sources from the UK, Europe and beyond.


How it Works
1. The initiative/project will be industry & market led and will provide a mechanism to increase dynamic interaction between the textile industry sector (including wider supply chain and cross-sectors) and the academic base across Scotland. Interaction will be facilitated through events, 1-2-1 dialogue, stakeholder partnership interaction and briefings.

2. The interaction will help identify potential opportunities for innovation and the gaps and issues which need to be addressed to realise the opportunity.

3. The initiative/project will support collaborative proposals between companies and academia. The project proposals will be evaluated for support the TFF initiative either as a direct project application or from the specific TFF Innovation Challenge Fund.

4. The TFF Innovation Challenge Fund will be operated on a call basis with a set of prescribed guidelines and criteria; these are likely to 6 monthly, will be thematic based and will be consistent and coincide with the workshops and events programme.

5. Projects may be directly signposted to other more appropriate funding sources which are available.

6. Any TFF funded proposals will then be evaluated by the Independent Innovation Challenge Fund Panel, a group of experts brought together from the world of industry and academia. The membership of the panel will reflect the specific themes of the proposals. Over the course of the programme these panels will be dynamic and agile to reflect changes and opportunities for new challenges that are identified or emerge.

7. There will be a feedback process for all applicants with the successful project drawing funding under the overall programme guidelines as well as any additional project specific

For information on the on the project funding please see here and for details on the application process please see here.

For more information please watch our TFF Video here.

To request an application form or for further information on the Textile Future Forum initiative please contact Gillian Wishart at