Process for Application

Applications can be made at any time through the TFF initiative team, however it may be deemed beneficial to seek proposals on a call basis at set dates within the calendar year. This may allow the TFF to develop co-ordination for specific themed events and funding or to allow the opportunity to co-ordinate with other relevant stakeholder or partner opportunities.

Applications need to prove the following:

  • T he specific innovation
  • Anticipated impacts for the partners involved (process, economic etc.)
  • Anticipated impacts for the textile industry as a whole
  • Requirement for future work beyond the competition period

Applications will be judged against the criteria of INNOVATION, IMPACT and COLLABORATION:

1. Level of innovation, e.g. adoption of novel technology; use of existing technology in novel way that is applicable to the textile industry, introduction of new processes; entry into new markets, support future sustainability or the cross collaboration nature across other sectors.

2. Anticipated impact on business/industry/ economy/Scotland/ exports and international links.

3. A route to commercialisation should be spelled out in this section; without it, it will be difficult to establish how impact is likely to be achieved.

4. Entries from single company/single university collaborations will be accepted, but entries that involve multiple partners are encouraged (and may score better). Partners may be similar producers, from the supply chain or commercialisation route, and other HEIs.

5. T he degree of relevance to the key industry issues outlined in relevant recent studies and supported by the TFF expert panel. It should be clear from the entry that the proposed project is central to the industry partners’ strategy and is being driven by the industry partner(s) and has a significant market driven theme.

6. A cash contribution is not a strict requirement, but commitment will be assessed on the amount of cash against the size of the company and the importance of the project to the company and sector. If there is no cash, the entry will need to score highly in the other categories of potential impact and level of innovation.

7. Consideration will be given to the links with other SFC Innovation Centres e.g. Sensors, Construction etc. and this supports the cross sector and supply chain themes.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with relevant advisors and partners in the technology and commercialisation teams of the partner HEIs prior to submitting any funding application.

TFF Project Application Guidelines Explanatory Appendix

To request an application form or for further information on the Textile Future Forum initiative please contact Gillian Wishart at