Challenge Funding

The Textiles Future Forum will provide funding assistance to support its mission to accelerate collaboration between the Scottish textile industry and academia designed to fast-track innovation in the sector and wider markets where textiles are key to the supply chain.

Funding support is available through the Textiles Future Funding Challenge (TFFC) which offers a grant of up to £50,000 grant to stimulate innovation, for example; the adoption of new technologies and/or processes; development of new products and the introduction of new efficiencies. The investment is focused on the encouragement of industry led step change and transformational innovation activity. Entries should centre on key areas of concern to the textile industry, as detailed below. Grants may support proof of concept/fore-sighting, technical feasibility and collaborative research and development projects.

Areas of focus highlighted and identified by leading members of the industry are;

  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Resource efficiency in textile materials
  • From wet to dry – turning major wet textile processes to dry energy efficient processes
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies for 3D textile materials and components
  • Cross Over and Supply Chain opportunities where textiles play a significant role such as;

– Innovative textiles for construction and architecture
– Innovative technical textiles for marine and coastal applications
– Innovative textiles for transport applications
– Healthcare & Medical applications

  • Digital fashion – consumer-driven integrated digital textile & clothing production near point of sale/use
  • Advanced performance materials and garments

- such as embedded sensors, advanced coatings etc.

Who is eligible for support?

Textiles Future Forum is seeking proposals that address industry requirements in these areas. Proposals may be led by Scottish universities or Scottish businesses but must involve both industry and academic partners. The funding will offset the costs of academic time, research consumables, technician time etc. It is expected that projects will take between 6-12 months to complete.

To request an application form or for further information on the Textile Future Forum initiative please contact Gillian Wishart at